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Strategic Business Advice

Robert J Nixon & Associates' consulting approach to business is proactive, changing with our clients' business and the ever-shifting business landscape.


We provide the following services:



Business Negotiations: Let us also assist you with any Business Negotiations on your behalf.

Business Developments and Planning


Our aim is to see your business prosper. We assist in the achievement of your objectives, utilising our experience and range of services – all carefully designed to create revenue growth.


To help reach your objectives, we ensure that we understand where you would like your business to be within the environment that it operates.


We work in partnership with you and are committed to providing timely and useful advice, giving you productive outcomes for your business.


With proficiency in all areas of business development and planning, Robert J Nixon & Associates provides everything you need to make your business a success.

Marketing your Business

The best accountants, planning and strategies are redundant if your targeted customers don’t know about your service, product and ultimately, your brand.

As our business experience encompasses all facets of marketing and communication, we are able to assist in strategic marketing advice and strategies that result in business growth and measurable results.

Successful marketing is ensuring that the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Our marketing advice includes marketing and advertising campaigns, brand development, corporate identity and strategic positioning.

Procurement of Funding

Getting a business functioning with positive cash flow is far from easy, yet obtaining funding to expand and grow can be equally as challenging. Procurement is the term used to describe purchases, sales and acquisition. Robert J Nixon & Associates can assist with all procurement of funding.

Strategic Management

Strategic and operational management is the day-to-day planning for what your business is doing and the direction it is heading. Strategic decisions determine the direction of your business, it examines what it should be doing and what it is not doing. Strategic planning is integrating planning, assessments, frameworks, effectiveness and concepts to plan for a successful future.

Strategic management harnesses the full potential of an organisation to help achieve its goals. We approach your business and focus on positioning for success – both now and in the future.

Financial Performance Diagnosis


When business is going well we tend not to look at performance, yet as soon as the financial performance dips we start to look around for answers. It is a typical case of being reactive to a situation.


Conducting a Financial Performance Diagnosis is providing solutions that increase sales and improve profits whilst implementing strategies that are tailored to your business.


We conduct an honest assessment of your business, from marketing revenue to tangible benefits - our business experts are committed to delivering superior service, guaranteed to exceed expectations. Our knowledgeable staff has a wealth of experience to perform a diagnosis on your business.


Organisational Restructuring


If your business has grown to a level where a restructure is needed, our integrated approach to restructuring can be modified to your needs.


Sometimes referred to as ‘change management’, strategic and operational restructuring uses tested systems and tools to achieve faster and better results to management decisions.


Robert J Nixon & Associates are experienced professionals who have devised a range of strategies that help leaders effectively exploit changes in business environments. In the past we have helped businesses harness the power of change whilst planning for growth.


We show you how to manage change in the marketplace and how to handle changes and expectations in the workforce – all aimed at improving business productivity.


Working Capital/Funding Strategies

Turning money into opportunities is what working capital achieves.

Working Capital Funding is a way for quickly growing cash flow ‘tight’ businesses to meet their short-term cash flow needs.

Businesses can use their assets to generate cash flow through working capital funding by implementing appropriate strategies. As many businesses find themselves short of operating capital, Robert J Nixon & Associates assist with strategies that obtain sufficient funds to ensure continued growth.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems (MIS) are not just statistics and data analysis, they are an assessment of human capabilities and are used as an Management By Objectives (MBO) tool.

Management Information Systems are a name for the discipline covering the application of Information Technology (IT) to businesses problems.

Information Systems (IS) are usually a commerce and business administration and frequently involves software engineering. It also distinguishes itself by concentrating on the integration of computer systems with the aims of the business.

In the modern business world, information systems support business processes and operations, decision-making and competitive strategies.

MIS can help to:

  • Establish tailored and measurable objectives

  • Monitor business results and performances

Costing Analysis and Strategies

Ensuring that your business is costing correctly could make a good financial year better. At Robert J Nixon & Associates we analyse your businesses current costing strategies, identifying the costs involved and helping choose the most effective costing strategies to implement.

Risk Management and Business Improvements

Financial risk management focuses on risks that can exist within a business. Risk management can be described as the culture, processes and organisation that help businesses evaluate risk. Furthermore, Risk Management looks at its potential impact and plans the appropriate action to avoid or control by the most economical means.

Robert J Nixon & Associates can, in the event of loss or damage to your business, provide you with support and expertise to recover quickly. Whilst prevention of loss is obviously preferable to the inconvenience and disruption caused by even the slightest of incidents – risk management is vital to a business.

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