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Corporate Advice

Before you can make an informed decision, you must be armed with as much information as possible. In conjunction with corporate advisory requirements, we consider all strategic and operational issues and provide advice on:

Equity Raising Strategies

Raising equity to grow or develop a business can be a make or break situation. On one hand you could seek external investors, on the other you could explore what possibilities exist. We inform on a variety of issues surrounding equity and have successfully advised a range of businesses and private companies.

Business Valuations


Perhaps you are considering selling your business or simply want to know what the asset is worth. When a business is on the market, the owner normally sets the selling price.


It can be based on purchase price, the original valuation or even by a comparison of a rival business on the market. There are many ways that a business can be valued – including value based on future earnings, the cost of establishing a similar business, the tangible assets that a business has, and even the intangible assets that has a business has (including goodwill and a strong client list).


Engaging the services of professional business brokers means you can expect to achieve successful business sales within an agreed time frame. We remain involved all times, ensuring that there are no derailments.


Merger and Acquisition Advice


Value is hard to achieve. It is a truth of corporate life that many mergers and acquisitions (M&A) do not create value for shareholders, employees or customers. Being proactive rather than reactive is key to a successful negotiation.


We recognise the issues before the deal is completed. We help plan and execute your strategy by understanding and communicating the key factors in business integration. Our approach helps you understand and control the process.

Prospectus Preparation and Listing


Opportunities surround us every day, yet some are more risky than others. Robert J Nixon & Associates assess the requirements of your business and establish if a prospectus is the most appropriate tool for your situation.


We help manage the entire process including assistance with regulatory external bodies, drafting of documents, creation of due diligence and liaison with investment banks and shareholders.

Equity and Debt Raising

We offer all types of debt raising facilities from financial modeling through to arranging and structuring finance for property related development.

Expert Reports in Accordance with the Corporate Law


Often used as evidence or valuations, expert reports must satisfy stringent legal requirements. The expert must satisfy requirements for qualifications and skills. We can help with a methodical approach to expert reports.


Our experts are able to:


  • Identify and detail the legislation or litigation under which the expert report is required

  • Design the report - ensuring it meets all legal requirements

  • Obtain all relevant documents and information needed

  • Answer any questions you may have about the process, explaining the report in a concise yet detailed way

  • Obtain and review all data from external sources

  • Prepare a draft expert report and complete the final expert report in time for your specified deadline


Due Diligence Services


Due Diligence is used to describe the process of evaluating and inspecting proposed contract deals. It can be a timely affair but, in its plainest sense, due diligence means the attention (or diligence) that is due to a particular matter.

Corporate and Tax Restructuring


What are the tax implications of the different financing alternatives available to your business?

What are the implications of the tax consolidation provisions for corporate groups?

What tax considerations might be relevant when undertaking a corporate restructure?


Tax is a complicated area. Before embarking on tax restructuring, we sit down and help plan your objectives. Our detailed knowledge, commitment and technical expertise of corporate tax means that we deliver quality and professional advice.

Corporate Governance


Robert J Nixon & Associate’s corporate governance framework encourages the efficient use of resources, which equally require accountability.


We can help provide information on:


  • The role of the Chairman and the Board of Directors

  • The conduct of Board business and the Director’s responsibilities concerning conflicts of interest

  • Retirement of Chairmen and Directors

  • Board performance assessments


Selling Your Business

How much is your business worth?

How do you maximise value and returns?

What documentation is needed?

How long will it take until sale is confirmed and money is received?


Having a professional advisor speak with you about your business and the selling processes involved is invaluable. Our experts show how your businesses worth can grow.


Our experienced business advisors inform you of the factors that result in a potential buyer paying more for your business. Our advisors work with you on implementing systems and programs that are geared at achieving a higher sale price for your business.

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