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Business Tax Services  

Working on the business can be as critical to success as working in the business. 


Your accountant can do more than your tax, BAS and GST calculations.  In fact most businesses dont realise this.  Not only do we provide standard accounting services, we offer much more.  As one of Australia's  most experienced accounting groups, we strongly believe in the benefits we are abe to offer you and your business.


From our personalised service to our indepth knowledge, we have an enviable reputation for excellence.

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Business Planning

Sadly many new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Without a dynamic business plan, it is difficult to know where you are going, let alone dealing with unexpected tax bills. It all starts with an effective plan.

Tax Planning

Getting control of your tax situation doesn’t have to be difficult. Tax planning is vital for investment strategies and building portfolios, forming part of long-term wealth creation.

Corporate Advice

Before you can make an informed decision, you must be armed with as much information as possible. In our reports we consider all strategic and operational issues.

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Strategic Advice

Robert J Nixon & Associates' consulting approach to business is proactive, changing with our clients' business and the ever-shifting business landscape.

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Auditing Services

Our Auditing provision provides assurance and dedicated services to a range of entities. We take the time and dedicate the resources to understand your business.

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Payroll Services


We offer a comprehensive payroll service on behalf of our clients to ensure that their employees requirements are met.

Compliance Services

In today's complex regulatory environment, we provide your business with accurate, significant and timely information and much more.

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Tendering Preparation Services

We are able to assist with the preparation of

Tenders for submission to win Contracts and Projects.  

Invoicing &  Collection


We are able to prepare invoices and follow up collections on behalf of clients.

Signing Contract
Risk Insurance

Insecurity is a fact of life. We take risks every day, in one way or another. Our advisors will find the appropriate insurance cover for you by evaluating your specific situation.

Fixed Interest & Cash


The financial world can be confusing, so we make sure that information is provided in a clear, understandable and concise manner.

Finance Services

We are all striving to develop wealth. An understanding of investments and solid financial planning can help identify the most effective vehicle to achieve your goals.

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