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Business Broking

Robert J Nixon & Associates is a recognised leaders in Mergers and Acquisitions and General Business Brokerage - with Local and National exposure.


providing assistance in the growth, marketing and sale of businesses. Our business advisor's have an array of knowledge in a variety of industries, ensuring that we provide the expertise and support you need to have peace of mind.

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Whether you are wanting to get into an existing business or if you are looking to sell your business, one of our experts can assist by conducting investigations of the stability and liquidity of any business.

Selling your business

You may have planned your exit strategy and decided that it is time to move on. The decision to sell a business is made for many reasons, but we look at all methods available to make the process as easy as possible.


There are numerous ways in which to sell a business, sometimes a more discreet approach may be required, or it may be a case of marketing your business to a large audience. We support and guide you, compiling research, which includes a list of viable avenues to purse.


When selling a business it is important to keep in mind one question:


What is your buyer looking for?


Unless you focus on your buyer, you will not succeed. If you have a business and want to convert it into cash, then we can help. For a prospective buyer, they want a business (hopefully yours) and have cash to spend.


Value is in the eye of the beholder. For a buyer’s perception to meet your valuation, you need to justify your position and prove the worth of your business.


To ensure that the transaction runs smoothly, we have the proven experience to assist.


Buying a Business

How much should you pay?     Is the price a fair reflection?

We can help.


Assessing the true value of a business


Is a business overpriced? With our understanding and blend of backgrounds, we answer any questions. We are perfectly placed to assist. Above all else we offer proven market experience and understand the real value of a business and the reasons for selling.


Is the business capable of maintaining earnings?


We investigate past and current financial performance, management projections, marketing and what markets may be available. All components need to be carefully examined, only then can a decision be made on whether the business is declining or growing.

Help you choose the right business

Many people buy a business for a variety of reasons. We can select or seek the right business, how to correctly value a business and how to minimise the risks involved.


Minimise risk


It is a decision with an element of risk, but we only serve the buyer or the seller – never both. You may have a particular business in mind, which you want to negotiate, or you may like us to help you find such a business – we are here to offer guidance and assistance wherever you need it.


We will:


  • Act on your behalf

  • Search out businesses that suit your requirements (regardless of whether they are on the market)

  • Negotiate pricing terms and conditions of sale


As your Buying Agent, our legal duty of care is to you at all times.

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