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Compliance Services

Ever get frustrated with compliance issues?


You may someone to help tackle those day-to-day issues, guiding you onto the right track.


In today's complex regulatory environment, we provide your business with accurate, significant and timely information and much more. We have designed strategies to assist you and your business.


Based on our understanding and experience, we give solutions to better manage your accounting functions on a practical level.


You may need help with:



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Taxation Planning


The Australian taxation system is complex and is constantly being altered and updated. Our professional team is well equipped to offer a unique blend of in-depth knowledge and ability. We always ensure that we provide a tailored approach to meet the needs of every client. Our areas of tax includes income tax, Capital gains tax (CGT), Goods and services tax (GST), Fringe benefits tax (FBT), Asset reviews, depreciation reviews, domestic tax planning, record keeping, customs duty, superannuation planning and a range of other services.


We work closely with you at all times, getting to know your business and the daily challenges that you face. We will keep you updated on any legislative changes or developments that may affect your business.


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Financial Statement Preparation


This is something that takes the business owner too much time to prepare, especially when their time is best served working on the business.


Financial statements are prepared for a number of reasons, but normally they are required by law and place certain requirements on businesses to provide annual financial statements.


To help fulfill these needs, we can assist with the preparation of financial statements.


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Corporate Secretarial Service


The Corporate Secretarial function is an essential task in all entities, regardless of business size. It includes disclosure, reporting and compliance obligations.


To reduce mistakes and omissions, our Corporate Secretarial Service can help by delivering assistance and information on business registrations, secretarial services, TFN and ABN registration, Domain name registrations and other requirements.


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Cash flow and Budgeting Analysis


Managing cash flow and business budgets can be one of the hardest things to master. We help you better manage your cash flow by implementing strategic actions.


When it comes to financial management of your business – regardless of what stage it is in – cash is king. We guide you through the processes of achieving better cash flow by looking at your inputs and outputs, forecasting, cash management and analysis and managing income and expenditure.


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Financial and Corporate Analysis


Financial analysis is providing quality and peace of mind.


Our analysis for corporations is highly regarded. We provide a confidential service with a view to corporate problem solving. Robert J Nixon & Associates provide the necessary skills to evaluate and anticipate all financial results that affect your businesses direction.


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Superannuation Compliance


We tailor our approach to tax and superannuation compliance. Our knowledge of government organisations allows us to focus on the reasons behind any failure to comply.


Compliance pressure is not just coming from the regulators. We believe in treating compliance as an imperative factor for achieving competitive advantage.


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Australian Business Number (ABN) and GST Registrations


Rather than hunt around, trying to find time to apply for ABN or GST registration, we can save you time by organising both registrations for you.


An Australian Business Number (or ABN) is a single unique identifying number that will ultimately be used for dealings with government departments and agencies by anyone carrying on an enterprise (such as providing goods or services for money).


If your business has an annual turnover of $50,000 or more, then your company must be registered for GST. Turnover includes any grants or payments from government. If your turnover is less than these limits you do not have to register for GST but may choose to do so. We can help you consider the nature of your activities.


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PAYG Withholding and Instalments


Do you know when your PAYG instalments are due? Do you regularly miss payments? We can remove the stress by organising payment on your behalf.


Pay as you go (PAYG) is a single, integrated system for reporting and paying tax on business and investment income and withholding amounts. PAYG brings instalments of income tax (and other liabilities) and withholding obligations together in one system.


PAYG affects:


  • Individuals or sole traders, companies, partnerships, trusts and superannuation funds, operating businesses, non-profit organisations and government organisations.

  • Individuals with investment or business income - such as self-funded retirees, rental property owners, partners (in a partnership agreement), beneficiaries of a trust, and those with domestic employees.


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Business Activity Statements (BAS)


We can check your businesses BAS system and give advice on suitability. We check your file for incorrect tax entries and can set up BAS for you to regularly complete.


Alternatively, if you want to spend more time running your business, we offer a full and accurate BAS processing service.


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